MYA Membership Profile

There are a number of skippers who do not receive their copy of the Acquaint Magazine and the attendant goodies or a copy of the MYA e-Newsletter. This is almost certainly because they have not provided their full postal address or e-mail respectively, or their informatin on the MYA database is incorrect. If you are one of these skippers or know of a skipper who is having this problem then please be advised you/they need to update your/their profile on the members area of the MYA web site – only the member can do this!

We currently have some 245 members in the district but only 161 have provided an e-mail address of which only 137 are contactable via e-mail for various reasons. The MYA policy is to move to a paperless system where possible to reduce costs and therefore keep MYA membership subs to a minimum. All details provided to the MYA are kept absolutely private.

To update your profile please access the Members Area of the MYA web site by using your Membership No. and Security code. On the left side of the pge at the bottom you will see Membership list which you click on when you are taken to a new page where you can check your personal details and update your profile as necessary. Could I ask all members to check their details and update as required to enable to communicate with you more effectively, thank you.


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