Racing Programme Review

As part of the forward planning of the MYA, Graham Allen the MYA Racing Secretary has been asked to start a review of the current racing programme and with the help of members and a working group, to compile recommendations to be put forward to the full MYA council some time in the new year for consideration.

Any changes would not take effect until the racing season of 2013, giving time to make the right changes if required.

To help make a start I would be very interested to hear from any individual member or club, commenting on how they feel about the current programme and the way it is set out and held around the country. In addition I would welcome any thoughts or ideas that may make events more accessible and enjoyable for more skippers.

Some ideas put forward so far for consideration are; competing for the veteran nationals as part of the normal nationals, changing ranking races to incorporate district championships. These are only ideas and have yet to be discussed. Over to you……..

This is not just an IOM question but for all the other classes including free sailing classes that have seen a reduction in members travelling to other clubs for events due to costs or other reasons.

If you have any comments please email Graham at Please put in the subject line “race review” so he can filter the responses.

Many thanks in advance for your help

Graham Allen

MYA Racing Officer


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