A.R. Murrison Cup 2011

Congratulations to Jon Alexander on winning the A. R. Murrison Cup hosted by Harwich & Dovercourt MBC on Sunday 30th October 2011, at their Dovercourt Seafront venue. A copy of the full results can be found on the ‘Results’ page with a report and photos to hopefully be published soon.







1. Jon Alexander Harwich & Dovercourt MBC Italiko 19.0
2. Graham Bartholomew Chelmsford RYC Arrival 31.0
3. John Torrance Chelmsford RYC Isis 47.0
4. Rick Buxton Broads RYC Italiko 57.0
5. Matthew Vincent Harwich & Dovercourt MBC Pikanto 59.0
6. Alf Reynolds Chelmsford RYC Italiko 76.0
7. Chaz Jordan Hampton Court MYC Lintel 86.0
8. Robin Bloyce Harwich & Dovercourt MBC Stealth 96.0
9. Vicky Mills Harwich & Dovercourt MBC Italiko 99.0
10. Geoff Earle Harwich & Dovercourt MBC Ikon 113.0
11. John Richmond Brentwood MY & PBC Isis 128.0
12. Garry Millett Chelmsford RYC Isis 138.0
13. Clive Hand Rotherham MYC Robot 140.0
14. Maurice Goodship Harwich & Dovercourt MBC Stella 166.0


Thanks to Malcolm Button for the results.


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