A New Control Area at the Broads

Those of you who have visited the Broads Club at Filby will know that our paved control area has deteriorated badly over recent seasons and reached the stage where it posed a danger to sailors so we took the decision a few weeks ago to do something about it and repair and renovate it as necessary.

Works starts  Control Area2  Control Area 4

We are very fortunate in having people of a practical nature amongst our members and John Banester volunteered to come up with a number of alternative strategies and estimates of the various costs. We discussed these with our landlords – the proprietors of the Filby Bridge Restaurant – and got their agreement to go ahead. An added bonus was that they agreed to make a donation to our Club to help offset the cost. We all agreed that the cheapest and simplest option was the best one.

John then discussed with club member Bernie Guest (our resident technical genius and jack of all trades) the ordering of materials and how best to set about the job. When this was all agreed working parties were called for and the members responded brilliantly with a dozen or fifteen turning up each time to move slabs, shift soil, level the ground, mix cement, lay slabs and erect a new guard rail.

Control Area 3  Control Area 5

The finished article is a great improvement and we hope it will enhance the enjoyment of members and visitors.

Report and Photos Courtesy of Peter Sutton


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