At the beginning of 2011 we took the decision to introduce the RYGGED start for all Club racing for the IOM class of boat. Open meetings would of course all be scratch. The experiment was an unqualified success as newcomers became more confident and the overall standard of sailing improved markedly. If any other club is having trouble in retaining new members and/or bringing them through to an acceptable level we recommend that you give the RYGGED start a try, full details are on the Lee Valley website.

Towards the end of 2011 we rebuilt the control area at the Broads and it is now free of trip hazards, is much nicer to sail from and looks very much smarter. A bonus was that our landlords – the proprietors of the Filby Bridge Restaurant – shared the cost.

Our annual prize giving and social evening took place in December, at the restaurant, and part of the evening was a discussion, using silhouette models, on the rules governing mark rounding. This was very well received and many members have asked for more similar events in the future. Discussions like this seem to be a much better way for most people to learn the RRS than just reading through books (anoraks excepted).

Membership has held up well this year and currently stands at 33 in total with 5 of them affiliated to the MYA through various other clubs.

Our racing programme for 2012 has been published and includes our usual 2 open meetings for IOMs, 1 for R6Ms and 1 for RMs and visitors are always welcome at the Broads Radio Yacht Club.

Report Courtesy of Peter Sutton.

If other clubs wish to provide information on their activities both past and/or future please feel free to e-mail


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