Coventry Trophy & EDCS 2

Congratulations to George Beacroft on winning the 2012 Coventry Trophy and second 016round of the Eastern District Championship Series for IOM Boats. Following a disastrous start, Graham Bantock was second with Peter Sutton third. A brief summary of the results are shown below and the full results can be found on the results page together with the currents positions in the Eastern District Championship.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 George Beacroft 15 Chelmsford RYC Arrival 2 18.0
2 Graham Bantock 95 Chelmsford RYC Fraktal 21.0
3 Peter Sutton 99 Broads RYC Widget 27.0
4 Graham Bartholomew 65 Chelmsford RYC Arrival 2 28.0
5 Malcolm Harris 88 Chelmsford RYC Isis 2 30.0
6 Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford RYC Widget 32.0
7 Terry Burton 76 Broads RYC Pikanto 37.0
8 John Torrance 21 Chelmsford RYC Isis 49.0
9 John Richmond 85 Chelmsford RYC Isis 55.0
10 Brian Berry 56 Brentwood Widget 67.0
11 Alf Reynolds 42 Chelmsford RYC Italiko 72.0
12 Geoff Josey 00 Brentwood Widget 76.0
13 Rodney Latham 63 Lee Valley MYC   84.0

A full report and photos can be viewed on the Reports page of this site.


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