Lifeboat Pennant 2012

With 11 booked in and another turning up on the day there were a dozen Eastern District skippers at Lee Valley’s lake at Clayton Hill on Sunday 6th May 2012 to contest the Lifeboat Pennant event.clip_image002

With the wind more or less down the lake from the car park end it was possible to set a longish course using most of the lake. A start line a little upstream of the leeward mark and a finish a bit downstream of the windward mark, gave three decent beats though there were shifts and lulls to contend with. The wind was not so helpful in its strength though most of the time enough to complete the course in about 10 minutes.

In the first race Terry Burton (76) got away to a 10 yard lead by the first mark and then extended his lead downwind and was never caught.

clip_image004Race 2 saw Peter Sutton (99) get away but got caught to finish second to Terry for the latter’s second win. The writing was on the wall it seemed.

Next it was the turn of George Beacroft (15) to get away though others challenged but did not succeed in getting to the line ahead of him.

George won races 3, 4 & 5 so now perhaps the writing lied earlier as Terry had a 5th, a 2nd and a 7th in those races!

Terry took race 6 but was challenged in race 7 by Graham Bartholomew (65) all the way around the course. The last leg was a tacking duel which Graham won to take the win with Terry second.clip_image006

At this point we broke for lunch during which the wind lightened further though the direction remained much the same.

Race 8 was initially a tussle between Rick Buxton (41), George, John Newton (132) and Terry. Fortunes changed somewhat which enabled John to pull up to take the win from Rick., which enabled John to take his first and only win of the day.

Race 9 saw a very close start apart from George who somehow lagged.

However by taking a different course to most he was the first to reach the windward mark. On the downwind leg he, Pete and Graham left the rest behind. The battle continued upwind but the order changed on the run for Pete to get ahead and hold it the end for his first and only win.

Race 10 was fairly uneventful apart from Terry getting an enormous lead on the final run to add to his total of wins.

Race 11 was run at a snail’s pace and should have been won by Rick but a contact with a running boat while in the right robbed him of a win and allowed George to add to his total of wins.

With the wind now very light it was decided by a unanimous decision that one more race would suffice. Once again it was a very slow start and carried on tat way until eventually Graham took a clear lead at the windward mark on the second beat. He held it on most of the downwind leg only to be almost caught by the following pack. On the final beat Barry came nearer to the bank while George came even further and looked to be in the best position. It didn’t work out that way for George who finished 5th but Barry got it right to win while Graham got it wrong to allow Terry and Pete through and so finished 4th.

At the end of the day Terry and George both finished on 27 points and both had 4 wins. With 3 second places for Terry and George’s next best being a couple of 3rd places, Terry took the day. So the writing was right after all.

Pos. Skipper Sail No. Hull Score
1. Terry Burton 76 Pikanto 27
2. George Beacroft 15 Arrival 2 27
3. Richard Buxton 41 Italiko 36
4. Graham Bartholomew 65 Arrival 2 38
5. Peter Sutton 99 Mad Max 43
6. Barry Raven 32 Isis 46
7. John Newton 132 Isis 55
8. Malcolm Schaffer 101 Widget 63
9. John Richmond 85 Isis 75
10. Rodney Latham 63 Italiko 90
11. John Jones 97 Ericca 90
12. Geoff Josey 00 Widget 104


Full details of the Results can be found on the ‘Results’ Page

Thanks to all participating skippers a total of £112.45 was raised in aid of the RNLI.

Report Courtesy of Henry Farley, Photos John Newton


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