Rules & Sailing for Beginners

Peter Sutton of the Broads RYC has very kindly put together an article that may be of interest to all Skippers, especially some of our Beginners.

When I first came into radio sailing a few years ago I found it very difficult to understand a lot of what was going on with regards to rules and correct procedure and so on. I watched what other club members were doing but this wasn’t very helpful because they also often seemed unsure to the extent that there was considerable argument and discussion. After a few weeks I bought a rule book and read it several times but found a lot of it confusing and hard to understand. Over time I began to understand things a little better but still struggle with some aspects of interpretation and application.

I think all newcomers to our sport struggle with this and it can’t help with recruitment and retention of members. In an effort to help people new to our sport get to grips quickly and easily with the most basic and essential rules I have written a piece which I hope might help.

The article can be found by clicking on Rules & Sailing for Beginners 

Our thanks to Peter for this article.


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