Icicle Trophy 2012

Brentwood Model Boat Club hosted their annual Icicle Trophy on Sunday 2nd December 2012 on a cold frosty but sunny morning. Thirty skippers from as far away as Eastbourne and Norwich approached the lake with some trepidation, concerned that there might be ice on the lake, but their fears thankfully did not come to fruition.

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However, whilst the sun was shining there was very little wind as the first two BMYCLakeseeding races got underway. Malcolm Schaffer, the Race Officer, set the best course he could under the circumstances, as what wind there was came almost directly from the back of the skippers. As such the course was initially an Olympic triangle with a sausage. After a couple of races when the wind had managed to increase slightly this was changed to twoDSC_0068 (Large) triangles, which did leave to some confusion during one of the ‘A’ Fleet races such that it had to be re- run. But, around lunchtime the wind dropped again and the course was returned to the original but with a wider wing mark.

Apart from the confusion regarding the course change, all other incidents were DSC_0030 (Large)corrected on the water and in view of the conditions, all skippers are to be congratulated on their behaviour. We had a few skippers who were participating in their first open event and they coped with the large number of boats on the water extremely well. Whilst one or two skippers missed the last race, there were no boat failures and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves even though at times it seemed like they were watching paint dry!!

At the end of the day after five races had been completed with one discard, Trevor Binks was the winner on six points, with Mark Dennis from Chelmsford second on 11 points and Ken Binks from Eastbourne a close third on 12 points. A copy of the full results can be found on the Results page.

Position Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Trevor Binks 72 Eastbourne Obsession 6.0
2 Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford Widget 11.0
3 Ken Binks 83 Eastbourne Psycho 12.0
4 Graham Bartholomew 65 Chelmsford Arrival 2 14.0
5 Graham Leigh 177 Brentwood Isis 17.0
6 Terry Burton 76 Broads Fraktal 24.0
7 Henry Farley 97 Lee Valley Italiko 25.0
8 Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort Topiko 26.0
9 John Richmond 85 Chelmsford Isis 32.0
10 Alf Reynolds 121 Chelmsford Italiko 32.0
11 Mike Palfrey 156 Brentwood Logic 38.0
12 Graham Childs 15 Coalhouse Fort Arrival 2 39.0
13 Rick Buxton 41 Broads Italiko 40.0
14 Peter Sutton 99 Broads Madmax 41.0
15 Barry Raven 32 Brentwood Isis 45.0
16 George Beacroft 30 Chelmsford Arrival 2 48.0
17 Vinnie Zammit 115 Norwich Isis2 54.0
18 Geoff Appleton 16 Coalhouse Fort Merlo 55.0
19 Brian Foskett 43 Brentwood Isis 61.0
20 Phil Hulson 46 Southend Nemisis 64.0
21 Geoff White 197 Chelmsford Arrival 2 68.0
22 Steve Mitchell 25 Broads Widget 68.0
23 Paul Clayden 110 Lee Valley Gadget 81.0
24 John Torrance 21 Chelmsford Isis 81.0
25 Robert Fawbert 56 Broads Italiko 81.0
26 John Jones 77 Lee Valley Erica 82.0
27 Chris Esdale-Pearson 74 Harwich Italiko 85.0
28 Paul Wilson 70 Eastbourne Gadget 86.0
29 Geoff Josey 00 Brentwood Widget 87.0
30 Paul Galea 06 Brentwood Isis 94.0

DSC_0032 (Large)

DSC_0102 (Large)

Report courtesy of John Newton and Photos gratefully received from Steve Mitchell – note more photos can be found by clicking on ‘More Photos’ towards the bottom right of the page.


2 thoughts on “Icicle Trophy 2012

  1. Hi there, a great day and thanks to John and Malcolm for organising things. A wonderful turn out, is this what we can expect when open events don’t clash? It should be noted that I was in fact sailing a Mad Max and not a Fraktal.

    • Peter,

      Thank you for your comments and my apologies for the error with regards your boat. I am not sure if I can change it on the web site but will take a look.
      Regards John Newton

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