Shearwater Trophy & 2002T 1

The Broads RYC will be hosting the Shearwater Trophy and 2002T 1 for R6M boatsShearwater Trophy & 2002T 1 2014 on Sunday 6th April 2014 at their Filby Bridge Restaurant, Ormesby Little Broad, Filby, Norfolk, NR29 3AA venue. Please click on Broads and zoom in on location ‘C’ for more details on the venue.

This event is open to all MYA Members who have a R6M boat, but only those with a certificated boat can qualify for the Trophy or points for 2002T.

Skippers briefing will be at 09.45 am with the first race shortly after. No Race will start after 4.00 pm and any race in progress at 4.30 pm will be abandoned.

Please use the MYA Online Entry Form if possible or email Peter Sutton on with all your details as soon as possible, including emergency contact details.

MYA Standard Sailing Instructions will be used;

Competitors should note that the MYA implements the RYA Racing Charter and that they will be required to undertake to sail in compliance with the Charter, which can be found in the Knowledge Base on the MYA Web site or at the front of the RYA rule book (Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – ­ 2016).


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