MYA IOM Veterans National Championship 2014

Norwich MYC hosted the 2014 IOM Veteran Championships at Whitlingham Broad over the period of Sat 10th – Sun 11th May.

The 29 competitors were greeted on Saturday morning with sight of a swirling SW breeze of some 12Knots and a steady fall of rain, mixed with outbursts of sunshine. Principle race Officer Vinnie Zammit decided to use the HMS Scoring System Schedule C, with 2 fleets, which allowed for a 6 boat promotion and demotion.

From the start the pre – race favourites found themselves at the front end of the fleet with Mark Dennis comfortably leading at lunchtime Followed by local hero Terry Burton and John Arundel. This was despite some very awkward wind shifts and the wind strength going from some 18 knot to Nil in Seconds. This made for some very frustrated sailing and it was enjoyable watching how some skippers were trying to keep their cool.

After lunch conditions improved with the wind shifting further to the West and steadying to a favourable 15-18 knots. This allowed the PRO to alter the course to a windward leeward one, and place a gate at the leeward end. From then on the decision was which rig to use and in between races many a skipper could be seen changing his rig up or down, between A and B.

By the end of the day, Mark Dennis was well in the lead by some 20 points. Unfortunately Terry Burton started having problems with his boat and eventually had to retire, much to the disappointment of the local supporters. Other Skippers who did well and won races on the Saturday were Dennis Payne with 2 wins, Noel Donaldson, Dave Alston and John Arundel.

That evening the Fleet retired to the Kings Head Inn where a social evening and buffet was arranged and any incidents on the water were once again discussed.

On Sunday morning the fleet was greeted by a westerly 15 knot wind which once again allowed a windward leeward course.

Unfortunately due to gear failure and personal injuries the fleet was eventually reduced to 24 consequently the PRO changed the HMS system to schedule B.

Once again Mark started to impose himself on the fleet with some good results and with John Arundel also starting to get his act together it made for some interesting duels between them. Also into the fray came the fast improving Mick Chamberlain and Graham Whalley, with creditable wins and placings to their names. Other notable winners on the day were Bill Culshaw and Chris Treagust both with a win each.

One of the most influential factors in the afternoon was the way that the wind died down for a few minutes only to suddenly build back up to 20 odd knot in the space of a seconds. This called for a great deal of sail changes and requests for sail changes during the afternoon as sailors tried to predict what would happen.

On a lighter note, during one of these lulls Mark Dennis asked the PRO if he could have time to change up from No2 to No1 Rig just prior to his race. Vinnie refused as they had both been chatting together for some 10 minutes and he would have had plenty of time to have carried out the task. A minute after he placed his boat on the water the wind suddenly shot back up to 20 odd knots and with a big smile on his face, he won the race easily. Who owes who a Pint?

Mark continued to dominate the day and ran out a well deserved 1st place, with last year’s winner John Arundel a worthy 2nd and Sunday’s fast improving Dennis Payne 3rd.

Mention must be made of Jen Hand the only Lady in the event who in her first entry to the Vet’s came a creditable 20th, one to watch for the future.

Once again a vote of thanks must go to the members of the NMYC who gave up their time to assist in the running of the event, your help is much appreciated.

A special thanks must go to Jackie Chamberlain Micks wife, who stepped in to help after Valerie Zammit had a bad fall at the venue. Pleased to say that Val is recovering though very bruised.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford RYC Cheinz 27.0
2 John Arundell 118 Reading SC AB4 47.0
3 Dennis Payne 7 Windrush Britpop 53.0
4 Mick Chamberlain 46 Lincoln Britpop 55.0
5 Graham Whalley 16 Manor Park Moster 60.0
6 Chris Treagust 6 Emsworth Slipper Britpop 67.0
7 Bill Culshaw 21 Birkenhead Britpop 86.0
8 Noel Donaldson 29 Watermead MBC Britpop 89.0
9 Peter Cropper 68 West Cornwall Nemesis 95.0
10 David Alston 11 Leicestershire RYC ISIS 109.0
11 Alf Reynolds 42 Chelmsford RYC Isotonic 138.0
12 Tom Lance 15 Emsworth Slipper  Kan-Tun 143.0
13 John Galyer 37 Emsworth Slipper Britpop 148.0
14 Phil Holiday 66 Watermead MBC Goth 156.0
15 Paul Wilson 17 Eastbourne & District Britpop 166.0
16 Tom Wilkinson 33 Broads Italiko 205.0
17 Paul Crozier 60 Emsworth Slipper Kamtun 206.0
18 Keith Whiddett 156 Broads Italiko 209.0
19 Geoff Farrar 117 Rotherham Lintel 210.0
20 Jen Hand 169 Rotherham Robot 217.0
21 Roger Dunklin 20 Watermead MBC Cockatoo 2 223.0
22 Sam Gill 96 Rotherham Shira 3 248.0
23 Terry Burton 76 Broads Fraktal 259.0
24 Harry Ellis 112 Norwich MYC Widget 268.0
25 John Wilson 36 Poole RYC Britpop 299.0
26 David Thomas 123 Rotherham D72 313.0
27 Steve Rudd 56 Tri-Services Robot 331.0
28 Chaz Jordan 99 Lincoln En Passant 366.0
29 Mick Howard 31 Broads Italiko 374.0

Please click on IOM Vets for a copy of the full results

iom vets 2iom vets 3

Report, Results and Photos courtesy Vinnie Zammit

Event Organiser /PRO/Hon Sec & general Dog’s Body


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