Lifeboat Pennant

14 skippers from 5 clubs and their boats of 7 distinctly different designs, plus some variations on those, arrived at Clayton Hill Park for the 2014 Lifeboat Pennant. It was one of those days that Race Officers dread.  Though a pleasantly warm day with a reasonable strength wind on average, the wind came over our shoulders.
With only one bank to work on it was impossible to set a true beat so we settled for a triangle and sausage with rather a lot of reaching. However it was not a simple matter to get the best out of any leg, as in true Lee Valley style the wind had all sorts of gusts, lulls, swirls and other tricks to keep the skippers on their toes. It was seldom that any leg could be completed on the same tack.
Not that any of that put off Colin Goodman from Coalhouse Fort who had never seen the venue before and perhaps that was a good thing for him! He put in a solid session which started with 6 wins in a row to which he added 5 more by the end of the day and was usually to be seen somewhere near the front of the fleet. Needless to say he took top spot.
Maybe there is some practice work going on at Coalhouse Fort as Vernon Appleton was also consistent and took second place though he never actually won a race. On the other hand Vernon, like everybody else, had been here several times and so should be familiar with the eccentricities.
George Beacroft was a bit more erratic in his performance but with 4 wins secured 3rd place.That left a couple of wins for John Richmond and one each for John Jones and Barry Jarvis.
The results show that, after 19 races with 3 discards, the final scores were pretty spread out apart for one pair on 99 points where Rick Buxton beat Malcolm Schaffer by having a second place as his best to Malcolm’s third.
Richard Daniels had to leave part way through which explains his succession of high scores.
There were several collisions as folks tried to get through spaces that were not there but no protest meetings were necessary as all incidents were resolved by penalty turns.
As usual for this event there was no entry fee but a collection for the RNLI was made at lunch time and raised £108.74.
My thanks are due to Paul Clayden and Norman Clarke of the home club who observed and recorded the finish and to Graham Bartholomew who withdrew but stayed on to help with the observing.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Colin Goodman 33 Coalhouse Fort Goth Evo 3 29.0
2 Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort Goth MX7 48.0
3 George Beacroft 15 Chelmsford Arrival 2 57.0
4 Barry Raven 32 Chelmsford Arrival 2 82.0
6 Malcolm Schaffer 101 Brentwood Widget 99.0
5 Rick Buxton 132 Harwich & Dovercourt MX 14 99.0
7 Barry Jarvis 72 Chelmsford Arrival 101.0
8 John Richmond 85 Chelmsford Isis 109.0
9 Alf Reynolds 42 Chelmsford Isotonic 112.0
10 John Davies 87 Lee Valley Widget M 134.0
11 Rodney Latham 63 Lee Valley Italiko 137.0
12 John Jones 03 Lee Valley Italiko 149.0
13 Richard Daniels 46 Chelmsford Nemesis 152.0

Please click on Results to view the full results

Report and Results courtesy of Henry Farley.


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