Hope Reach Cup & 2002T 2

Coalhouse Fort MBC will be hosting the Hope Reach Cup and Round 2Hope Reach Cup of the 2002T on Sunday 22nd June 2014 at their, Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury, RM18 8PB Venue. For more information on the location please click on Coalhouse and zoom in on ‘F’.

This is a R6M Open Meeting and so all R6M owners are encouraged to participate. Please use the MYA Online Entry Form or email Geoff Appleton geoff.apples@blueyonder.co.uk and John Newton john-newton@tiscali.co.uk with all your details including emergency contact information.

Skippers briefing will be at 09.45 am with the first race shortly after at 10.00 am. No race will start after 4.00 pm and any race in progress at 4.30 pm will be abandoned.

MYA Standard Sailing Instructions will be used and skippers are reminded that the MYA supports the RYA Racing Charter to ensure all competitors are treated with respect and can enjoy a days sailing.


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