Norfolk Trophy & EDCS 6

Sunday October 14th saw ten skippers convene at the Broads for the Norfolk Trophy and EDCS event 6, along with Race Officer David Grint and assistant Cheryl Sutton.

Early rain had soon cleared, leaving a promising westerly breeze, although parts of the course close to the control area had only a little wind. A port rounding windward/leeward course with an offset mark to split the fleet was set, and this remained the same throughout the day.

Broads’ member John Hanton, sailing a home built Corbie design with a wooden hull, set the early pace with four fast pace race wins. Norwich member Vinnie Zammit, sailing a MX14 and Broads Peter Sutton’s Britpop closely followed, along with Harwich and Dovercourt’s Nigel Gilson own Ankh design in hot pursuit.

The wind strength was forecast to increase throughout the day and proved correct, suiting Broads member Tom Wilkinson, sailing a Britpop, who enjoyed several above mid fleet finishes. Another popular design, the MX 14, sailed by Broads Keith Whiddett, along with Terry Burton and Alan Bright, were also challenging for the mid fleet finish places. This made for some challenging and at times close sailing.

After lunch the breeze freshened enough for a fleet decision to change down to No.2 rigs. Harwich and Dovercourt’s Nigel Gilson had rig damage after some good sailing, but then a mishap whilst undertaking rig repairs from the previous race saw him snap his rudder, sadly forcing the only race retirement.

Broads Peter Suttons Britpop enjoyed the No.2 conditions by winning all but one of the afternoon’s races. That victory was taken again by John Hanton. We were set for a close competition with the Corbie, Brit Pops and MX 14’s designs all sailing well.

A mention goes to Broads Stan Cox sailing a Mad Max and Norwich member Harry Ellis sailing a Widget who between themselves had their own races throughout the day for their race finish places.

After 17 challenging races a well deserved overall victory went to Broads John Hanton, with Peter Sutton second, Vinnie Zammit third, followed by Tom Wilkinson in fourth and Keith Whiddett in fifth.

It is worth noting that just five points separated the fourth to seventh finishing places, and that all races were closely contested but without any significant incidents, in very breezy conditions.


Pos. Sail No. Skipper Hull Club Score
1 47 John Hanton Corbie Broads RYC 41
2 99 Peter Sutton BritPop Broads RYC 52
3 17 Vinnie Zammit   Norwich MYC 84
4 33 Tom Wilkinson BritPop Broads RYC 84
5 56 Keith Whiddett MX14 Broads RYC 90
6 19 Alan Bright MX14 Broads RYC 93
7 76 Terry Burton MX14 Broads RYC 99
8 112 Harry Ellis Widget Norwich MYC 133
9 117 Nigel Gilson Ankh Harwich & D MYC 136
10 27 Stan Cox Mad Max Broads RYC 143




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