Eastern District AGM (2014)

The Eastern District Annual general Meeting took place on Saturday 1st November 2014 at the Channels Golf Club, Chelmsford.

There were 12 members present representing the following clubs: Brentwood, Broads, Coalhouse Fort; Harwich and Dovercourt; Lee Valley; Norwich and Southchurch (to be known as Southend MBC in the future).

A full copy of the minutes will be posted as soon as they are available, but the following Committee was agreed:

Chairman – Vernon Appleton (Coalhouse Fort)

Vice Chairman – Malcolm Button (Harwich & Dovercourt)

Secretary – Malcolm Schaffer (Brentwood)

Racing Secretary – Henry Farley (Lee Valley)

District Councillor – Geoff Appleton (Coalhouse Fort)

Webmaster (New Position agreed) – John Newton (Coalhouse Fort)

The Racing Secretary provided a draft of the Eastern District Calendar which will be available on the Calendar page and will be confirmed when the MYA Yearbook is published.

Finally, the ‘Worker of the Year’ award was presented to Malcolm Schaffer in recognition of his commitment to the District as the District Secretary over several years. 


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