Belton Trophy & EDCS 1

Today saw 19 boat and their skippers gather at Heybridge for the Belton Memorial Trophy Race that also included the running of the first round of the Eastern District Championship.

The weather decided to favour us by providing a brisk top suit breeze and bright sunshine. The breeze was cold but allowed the two fleets to race over the Olympic triangle and sausage course all day.DSCN0319DSCN0325





Lunchtime combined with one of the two protest hearings allowed many time to drop down to second suite for the afternoon races. As you can see from the photographs, the racing was close, this backed up by the points recorded.







This was backed by the change of top boat. Colin Goodman did not start the day well but then bit by bit he remedied that situation, allowing him to take the trophy with just 3 points to spare.DSCN0344

In fact only 9 points separated the top 6 boats.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Colin Goodman 33 Coalhouse Fort MBC Goth Evo 3 13.0
2 Mark Dennis 19 CRYC BritPop 16.0
3 Graham Bartholomew 65 Coalhouse Fort MBC V8 21.0
4 Phil Playle 77 CRYC Vision 21.0
5 John Torrance 21 CRYC BritPop 22.6
6 John Cleave 0 Ryde MYC   24.0
7 Phil Newman 74 CRYC Picanto 31.0
8 Barry Raven  32 CRYC BritPop 32.0
9 Barry Jarvis 72 CRYC Arrival 2 46.0
10 Alf  Reynolds 42 CRYC Isotonic 63.0
11 Andrew Seymour 46 Southend MBC Shiraz 63.0
12 Nicky Ennion 64 CRYC Fraktal 2 68.0
13 Rick Buxton 41 Harwich & Dovercourt MYC MX 14 69.0
14 Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort MBC Goth Evo 75.0
15 Charles Clark 55 CRYC Italico 76.0
16 Glenn Meekcoms 34 Southend MBC   81.0
17 Andy Brown 38 CRYC Reggae 82.0
18 Roy Joslin 84 CRYC Isis 83.0
19 Tony Brand 134 Harwich & Dovercourt MYC Widget 102.0

Report, Results and Photos courtesy of John Richmond.


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