Coventry Trophy & EDCS 2

Here is a list of competitors (26) who have currently entered next Sunday’s Coventry Trophy and EDCS 2 for IOM boats: –

Geoff Josey 00 Chelmsford RYC Widget
John Jones 03 Lee Valley Italiko
Austin Guerrier 8 Three Rivers BritPop
Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford RYC BritPop
Charles Clark 25 Chelmsford RYC Italiko
Brian Foskett 28 Coalhouse Fort MBC Lintel MMX
Barry Raven 32 Chelmsford RYC BritPop
Colin Goodman 33 Coalhouse Fort MBC Goth Evo 3
Angela Mears 35 Southend MBC Kantun
Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort MBC Goth 3 Mod.
Peter Stollery 39 Guilford MYC BritPop
Mark Holt 40 Norwich MYC Italiko
Rick Buxton 41 Harwich & Dovercourt MX14
Alf Reynolds 42 Chelmsford RYC Italiko
Andy Seymour 46 Southend MBC Shiraz
Graham Brooker 48 Coalhouse Fort MBC Robot
Tony Guerrier 50 Three Rivers V9
Ray Bland 54 Coalhouse Fort MBC Arrival
Graham Bartholomew 65 Coalhouse Fort MBC V8
Glenn Meekcoms 67 Southend MBC Erricca
Trevor Binks 72 Eastbourne BritPop
Nicky Ennion 84 Harwich & Dovercourt Fractal 2
Terry Rensch 92 Guilford MYC
Henry Farley 97 Lee Valley Italiko
John Davies 99 Lee Valley Viper
Robert Fawbert 132 Norwich MYC MX14

Anybody else wishing to enter should email John Newton ( as soon as possible providing all their details.


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