Broadland Trophy & Games 3

Sunday 10th May, the day of the Broadland Trophy open event for the radio marblehead class, was pleasantly warm and sunny but with a lightish southerly breeze coming from directly behind the control area which had race officials Peter Sutton and Tom Wilkinson scratching their heads as to how best to lay an acceptable course with some decent beats. They began by trying to set a running start to a leeward gate with a beat coming back towards the start line but had to abandon this idea because the start line would have to be horribly biased if it was to be seen from the control area. They then decided upon a rather unorthodox reach start to a single mark rounded to starboard, followed by a run to a leeward gate, a beat back and then a series of runs and beats with a final beat back to the finish line. During the day this course was changed once to lengthen the course and spread things out a bit more but retaining the reach start and first mark rounded to starboard followed by a leeward gate.

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Sadly the event once again suffered a bit from a small entry of only seven but this was offset to some degree by five different clubs being represented; Coalhouse Fort, Tri-Services, Guildford, Norwich and of course the Broads.

Throughout the day five of the seven sailors entered posted at least one win, there were very few incidents and no protests although just as he was running into a good run of form with a first, a third and two seconds Michael Howard had gremlins in his transmitter which caused him to miss the final six races. Twenty races were completed and after three discards Graham Bartholomew ran out a comfortable winner with a score of 28, Vinnie Zammit was, second with 45 and Tony Garner third with 62.

Everyone agreed that the day had been a great success and enjoyable in spite of the difficult breeze and rather strange course. Our thanks to David Grint for doing a first class job with the scoring.


Name Sail No. Club Hull Score
Graham Bartholomew 65 Coalhouse Fort MBC Starkers 3 28
Vinnie Zammit 17 Tri-services Prime Number 45
Tony Garner 22 Broads RYC MX Goth Crayon 62
Keith Whiddett 36 Broads RYC Pixel 73
Alan Veal 141 Guildford MYC Roar Edge 87
Michael Howard 31 Broads RYC Paradox 90
Simon Purdon 117 Norwich MYC Shana 104

Report and results courtesy of Peter Sutton.


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