Lifeboat Pennant & EDCS 3

Twenty two skippers and their boats arrived at Lee Valley’s Clayton Hill lake to be greeted by a light wind which on average was down the lake from the far end. Being Clayton Hill there were many shifts and patches of even lighter wind but it was possible to set a port rounding triangle and sausage using most of the length of the lake.

With a Lee Valley Race Team of Henry Farley, Norman Clarke, Derek Davies, Rodney Latham, Paul Clayden, and Simon Liddell there was no need to call on skippers to observe.

Despite a straight forward course some managed to forget their way on occasions and miss out a mark or two. In all cases when informed at the end of their heat, they retired without complaint.20150524_100231

With four from each of the seeding heats to form the next A heat, the top spots were mainly taken by the usual well known better skippers who were joined by a couple from the local club using their local knowledge.


Race 2 gave the opportunity for a few more to work their way into the upper heat and20150524_122003 some did so. However only Mark Dennis, Graham Bartholomew, Colin Goodman, Nigel Gilson, and John Davies managed to stay in the A heat once having got there.

At lunch after Race 3 Graham Bartholomew and John Jones were tied for 1st place on 8 points with others snapping at their heels with a few points more.

20150524_142117During the afternoon a light shower arrived and the wind lessened to really try the patience of the skippers though as usual the top skippers made the best of it most of the time. The light winds made for rather too much congestion around the windward mark as many boats had so little way on that they could not reliably turn around the mark. So the course was shortened a little at that end which improved things a bit.

Just for a change the timing worked out neatly so that we were able to stop at the announced time of 4 pm almost exactly.

Throughout the day the lead was swapped between Mark Dennis and Graham Bartholomew while Colin Goodman and Nigel Gilson fought for 3rd and 4th places.



The winner of the Lifeboat Pennant for 2015 was Mark Dennis on 15 points with Graham Bartholomew in 2nd place on 20 points and Colin Goodman in 3rd place on 23 points to Nigel Gilson’s 24 for 4th.

As usual there was no entry fee for the events but competitors were invited to make a donation to the RNLI. They responded magnificently and this year £180 was collected.

The top 6 skippers received bottles of wine kindly donated by a couple of anonymous skippers.

Putting the results into the IOM Championship Series table we see that the top 3 places remain the same but there has been some shuffling lower down. To some extent that is due to previous race team members now having an average assigned to their previous efforts.

As a deviation from the usual presentation the opportunity was taken to present the Eastern District R6M Championship Trophy to Colin Goodman who won it at the Shearwater event at the Broads club some weeks ago. Due to an oversight by the District Racing Secretary, the cup was not available at that event.


Position Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull
1 Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford Brit Pop
2 Graham Bartholomew 65 Coalhouse Fort V8
3 Colin Goodman 33 Coalhouse Fort Goth Evo 3
4 Nigel Gilson 37 Harwich Dovercourt Ankh 3c
5 George Beacroft 15 Chelmsford Vision
6 John Jones 03 Lee Valley Italiko
7 Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort MX16
8 John Davies 99 Lee Valley Viper
9 Barry Raven 32 Chelmsford Brit Pop
10 Malcolm Schaffer 101 Coalhouse Fort Widget
11 Angela Mears 35 Southend MBC Kantun
12 Barry Jarvis 72 Chelmsford Arrival 2
13 Richard Buxton 41 Harwich & Dovercourt Italiko
14 Cliff Daniels 39 Lee Valley Crossbow
15 Geoff Josey 00 Chelmsford Widget
16 Glenn Meekcoms 67 Southend MBC Errica
17 John Richmond 85 Chelmsford Isis
18 Roy Joslin 84 Chelmsford Isis
19 Geoff Appleton 16 Coalhouse Fort Merlot
20 Robert Fawbert 132 Norwich MX14
21 Andrew Seymour 46 Southend MBC Shiraz
22 Andy Thompson 34 Southend MBC Lintel MMX

Report and Results Courtesy of Henry Farley and Photos by Angela Mears


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