Apples Trophy & PRACC 4

On Sunday 14th June 2015 Coalhouse Fort hosted the Apples Trophy and Round four of the PRACC series for A Class boats. Whilst initially ten skippers had entered, come the day, only seven actually participated, which was then reduced to six when Charles Devenport suffered a rudder issue.

The day started off somewhat overcast and with what appeared to be a south westerly wind which very quickly changed to a chilling north north westerly. As a consequence, after the first race, Race Officer Geoff Appleton changed from a windward/leeward course at the southern end of the lake to a windward/leeward course at the north end of the lake. Although the wind veered slightly both in direction and strength during the day, the course remained consistent for a total of 18 races.

Apples 1

Apples 2It soon became very clear after the first  four races that Graham Bantock was on top form and the rest of the field were going to have a challenge beating him. Dave Andrews, Vernon Appleton and Nick Martin all took two wins a piece, leaving Graham to win the remainder. As the day went on, it was Dave Andrews who started to pull clear of Vernon and Nick to eventually take second place. This left Nick and Vernon to fight for third place, and whilst Nick had a bad start to the day, Vernon had four bad races towards the end of the event such that Nick was able to take the third place.

Apples7 Apples10





As a consequence Graham Bantock retained the Apples Trophy and Eastern District Championship, with Dave Andrews second and Nick Martin third.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Graham Bantock 95 Chelmsford Sword 19.0
2 Dave Andrews 13 Hampton Court Sword 38.0
3 Nick Martin 1 Woodspring Sweet 9 44.0
4 Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort MBC Sword 48.0
5 Derek Morland 197 Gosport Sweet 9 54.0
6 Bob Conner 5 Woodspring Sweet 9 76.0
7 Charles Devenport 84 Southend 115.0

Thanks to Graham Bartholomew, Ray Bland and John Newton from the Coalhouse Fort Club for assisting the Race Officer, Geoff Appleton


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