2015 UK Dragon Force 65 National Championships

This weekend saw some thirty skippers arrive at Coalhouse Fort for the 2015 UK Dragon Force 65 National Championships. Unfortunately before the event even started there were three skippers who had to pull out for various reasons but it was decided to continue with three seeding heats as initially outlined.

Competing Skippers and helpers

Competing Skippers and helpers

Day 1 was a very hot sunny day with the wind coming from the west, directly over the Fort which causes various wind shifts as it gets directed round both sides of the Fort creating ‘holes’ in the course. Race Officer Geoff Appleton set a triangle and sausage course at the south end of the lake and the three seeding heats were completed. During the next round of heats, unfortunately another skipper received a phone call necessitating him to withdraw. At this stage it was decided to reschedule to two heats, which was maintained for the rest of the event. About lunch time, the wind appeared to change, and so the course was moved to the North end of the lake, but still retaining the triangle and sausage. However, it soon became apparent that the southern end of the lake provided the better wind albeit still with its challenges.

There were some notable achievements by some of our foreign visitors as well as our own local skippers, namely Angela Mears and Jamie Stevens, who at the age of 13 had entered his first open event.

It was very clear right from the start that John Tushingham was going to stamp his authority on the event by winning the first four races. It therefore was going to be a fight for the other top places between Trevor and Ken Binks, Nigel Brown and Buzz Coleman. Having missed the seeding heat and first race, Derek Priestley soon started to catch up and by the end of day 1 had managed to recover to third place behind John and Trevor.

Photo courtesy of Sue Brown

Photo courtesy of Sue Brown


Photo courtesy of Sue Brown

And so after 9 races, it was down to the pub for a well deserved drink and basket meal to congratulate and commiserate whichever was appropriate.

Day 2 was completely different in that it was overcast with the odd brief shower about lunchtime, after which the sun did try to break through. Having said that, the wind was much better in that is was from the South South West and remained consistent in direction throughout the day. The wind strength was good right from the start and gradually increased as the day went on, such that various skippers started to change down to No.2 rigs, very quickly followed by others, with most skippers who had a No.3 rig eventually changing for the last couple of races.

Photo courtesy Alan Bevan

Photo courtesy Alan Bevan

Photo courtesy of Alan Bevan

Photo courtesy of Alan Bevan





Unfortunately another two skippers had to withdraw for various reasons before the start of day 2, which left just 26 skippers continuing in the event. With another 9 races completed, John Tushingham continued to dominate, leaving Trevor and Ken Binks and Derek Priestley to fight over second third and fourth places, with 8 points separating them.

Youngest aged 13 (00) battling the oldest aged 92 (315)

Youngest aged 13 (00) battling the oldest aged 92 (315) (Photo Courtesy CAT Sails)


It was good to see the oldest skipper in Joe Binks aged 92 and the youngest, Jamie Stevens aged 13 battling out at times, so well done to both of them.

Close 'A' Heat start (Courtesy of Sue Brown)

Close ‘A’ Heat start
(Courtesy of Sue Brown)

After two days and 18 races, John Tushingham was the very clear winner on 24 points, with his closest rival, Trevor Binks a further 23 points behind on 47 points and Derek Priestley third on 52 points.

It was very gratifying that all incidents were sorted on the water and there were was only one very short Protest Hearing towards the end of the event for redress, so our thanks to all competitors for a great weekend from the organisers.

The MYA Chairman, Keith Coxon arrived part way through Day 2 to show his support for the class and present Trophies and Prizes to the top 8 skippers.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Score
1 John Tushingham 100 Keighley 24.0
2 Trevor Binks 72 Eastbourne 47.0
3 Derek Priestley 67 Fleetwood 52.0
4 Ken Binks 83 Eastbourne 55.0
5 Per Krabbe 117 Denmark 84.0
6 John Brierly 335 Llandudno 94.0
7 Nigel Brown 55 Gosport 96.0
8 John Burgoine 06 Birmingham MBC 122.0
9 Christel Cracco 168 Belgium RCYB 126.0
10 Tjakko Keizer 180 Netherlands 133.0
11 Liz Tushingham 123 Keighly 136.0
12 Robert Wilson 365 Leicestershire RYC 141.0
13 Bob Conner 14 Woodspring MBC 181.0
14 Chris Treagust 706 Emsworth Slipper 197.0
15 Angela Mears 348 Southend MBC 215.0
16 Buzz Coleman 12 Coalhouse Fort MBC 239.0
17 Glenn Meekcoms 418 Southend MBC 240.0
18 Paul Wilson 284 Eastbourne 244.0
19 Rob Innemee 19 Netherlands 254.0
20 Chris Durant 11 Gosport 256.0
21 Wayne Stobbs 542 Portsmouth 262.0
22 Lesley Parks 602 Southend MBC 273.0
23 Howard Dalton 364 Southend MBC 273.0
24 Joe Binks 315 Eastbourne 284.0
25 Jamie Stevens 00 Southend MBC 297.0
26 David Bland 488 Coalhouse Fort MBC 306.0
27 Simon Agland 274 Coalhouse Fort MBC 363.0
28 Phil Playle 177 Chelmsford 392.0

On behalf of Geoff Appleton and John Newton, our thanks to Malcolm Schaffer, Ray Bland, Alan Bevan, John Coster and Cathy Newton for all their help throughout the event.

Here is a link to photos taken by Sue Brown over the weekend.



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