Sextant Trophy & 2002T

The ‘threatened’ very light winds were present at Clayton Hill on Sunday 16th August for the 2015 running of the Sextant Trophy for 6 metre boats.
The Race Team member John Jones first moved some buoys to make it clear where there was certainty of encountering weed which has begun to appear in the lake.  That enabled Race Officer Henry Farley to set a port rounding triangle and sausage using most of the rest of the lake.  Thankfully very little weed was picked up during the racing though John Davies might argue as he found a large lump before the start of the first race which made its presence known as soon as he started.
A couple of boats, Vinnie Zammit’s Ravenna and Derek Davies’ Rococo, suffered jibs that were reluctant to set in the light winds though both went well when they did.  Cliff Daniels’ Prismatic, something of a light wind special, did well when the wind was really light but if not in the right place at the right time still didn’t get to the line before being overtaken by boats on a different route.  Geoff Earle’s Rococo was usually one to be reckoned with and was more consistent than most for the first 3 races such that he led by 1 point from John with the Revival and Cliff with the Prismatic, when we stopped for a tea break.
From Race 4 onwards John and the planked Revival dominated no doubt due to having the ideal boat for the conditions coupled with local knowledge and no small smattering of skill.  At lunchtime after Race 5,  by which time the first discard kicked in, John led with 5 points from Geoff with 7 and Cliff and Mike with 11 points.
We did 3 more race which took us to the second discard but though the race finishing positions changed a bit, the overall order didn’t.  By this time the wind had almost completely disappeared so all agreed to stop racing. Thus John was a clear winner with Geoff and Cliff in 2nd and 3rd places.


Position Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 John Davies 62 Lee Valley Revival 6.0
2 Geoff Earle 47 Harwich & Dovercourt Rococo 12.0
3 Cliff Daniels 03 Lee Valley Prismatic 16.0
4 Mike Ewart 12 Two Islands Ravenna  20.0
5 Vinnie Zammit 17 Norwich Ravenna  25.0
6 Derek Davies 31 Lee Valley Rococo 29.0

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