6M National Championships

The reintroduction of a two day National Event saw 12 skippers from 6 clubs and included three new yachts, together with four entrants very new to the class at the 6M Nationals hosted by Harwich and Dovercourt.DSCF1094 copy DSCF1144 copy

The first day was dominated by Colin Goodman, recently crowned  Eastern District 2002T winner, who won all 21 races in the very blustery conditions with some excellent skill.

With the wind gusting in excess of 26mph at times several skippers experienced gear failure and newcomers Peters Jackson and Shepherd were finding teething problems with their excellently presented newly built Romanzas.  Host Club’s Geoff Earle also missed early races.

Behind Colin,  Jon Alexander was the most consistent of the chasing pack which included Dave Green, Class  Capt. Mike Ewart and Terry Burton. With the wind still blowing hard

Alan Bright’s Petrel, designed for lighter conditions, sustained damage which left Alan unable to continue on the calm  second day.

The second day was the exact opposite of the first and Course maker Robin Bloyce continued to set very good windward legs and fair start lines under extremely trying conditions.
Four skippers had now retired from sailing but Gary Clover returned to the fleet after repairing damage sustained on the first day. Terry now showed the skill of a former 6m Champion by winning four of the day’s seven races, whilst Geoff Raygada and Vinnie Zammit also had much better performances in the lighter airs. Colin went on DSCF1304copyto win in a most convincing fashion. Jon  finished second for the second time in the last three years with Terry third.

With pouring rain and no wind OOD Mike Collins, after consultation with the fleet and his team, abandoned the day’s sailing.

At the Prize Giving the OOD thanked all skippers and his team for their part in a most enjoyable event, despite the weather.DSCF1358 copy

Colin thanked  H&DMBC for staging  the event and his fellow skippers for a most pleasing competition.

Mike Ewart at the end of the proceedings mapped out the future plans for 6M class, which were favourably received.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 C. Goodman 53 Coalhouse Fort MBC Renaissance 25.0
2 J.Alexander 69 H&DMBC Rococo 74.0
3 T. Burton 76 Broads Ravenna 92.0
4 D. Green 0 Two Islands Ravenna 94.0
5 M. Ewart 12 Two Islands Ravenna 103.0
6 V Zammit 17 Tri Services Ravenna 115.0
7 G Raygada 89 Two Islands Rococo 182.0
8 P. Shepherd 65 Abington Park MYC Romanza 209.0
9 G Clover 75 H&DMBC Rococo 215.0
10 G. Earle 47 H&DMBC Rococo 225.0
11 A Bright 36 Broads Petrel 231.0
12 P Jackson 30 Abington Park MYC Romanza 245.0

Report and Results Courtesy of Mike Collins and photos courtesy of David Fowles


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