Thames Cup & EDCS 5

The Thames Cup and Round 5 of the Eastern District IOM Championship series took place on Sunday 20th September 2015 at Coalhouse Fort. It was a chilly but bright Sunday morning with very little wind from the WSW on first arriving at the venue. However, as the time for the briefing approached the wind had veered round more to the SW and was gradually increasing in strength.

Race Officer Geoff Appleton and Assistant Race Officer John Newton set a windward/leeward course with a spreader at the windward mark, at the south end of the lake. With only 12 competitors it was decided that the day would be taken at a leisurely pace with breaks every two races to give the competitors time to recover in whatever manner they wished.


After the first 5 races it looked as if the event would be dominated by Colin Goodman and Graham Bartholomew from Coalhouse Fort, with the other top places being chased by Mark Dennis, George Beacroft and Phil Playle all from Chelmsford. As the day went on, the wind gradually increased in strength, but continued to blow from primarily the SW although veering to the WSW at times. Colin Goodman continued to dominate , whilst Graham Bartholomew started to drop away, allowing Mark Dennis to start to challenge Colin, with Phil Playle and George Beacroft contesting  fourth and fifth.DSC_3179DSC_3185

So, at the end of the day after winning 8 of the 16 races Colin Goodman was the clear winner on 17 points, followed by Mark Dennis on 36 points and Graham Bartholomew third on 40 points.


We would like to thank all the competitors for their cooperation in doing their penalty turns as necessary with no incidents having to be addressed off the water. Apart from an issue with a rudder servo even before the event started, there were no other apparent failures. As the day drew to a close, the wind started to drop off and it was apparent that a few skippers were beginning to wain, but on the whole it appeared that everybody had enjoyed the day, especially as the sun had shone and there was no rain.

Thank also to Malcolm Schaffer, Alan Bevan and Ray Bland who assisted in recording the finishes and observing.

Round 6 and the final round is the Norfolk Trophy at the Broads on Sunday 18th October 2105.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Colin Goodman 33 Coalhouse Fort MBC Goth Evo 3 17.0
2 Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford RYC Cheinz 36.0
3 Graham Bartholomew 65 Coalhouse Fort MBC V8 40.0
4 Phil Playle 77 Chelmsford RYC Vision 43.0
5 George Beacroft 15 Chelmsford RYC Vision 50.0
6 Barry Raven 32 Chelmsford RYC BritPop 55.0
7 Andrew Brown 41 Chelmsford RYC MX14 94.0
8 Angela Mears 35 Southend MBC Kantun S 98.0
9 Henry Farley 97 LeeValley Italiko 111.0
10 Glenn Meekcoms 67 Southend MBC Ericca 112.0
11 Andy Seymour 46 Southend MBC Shiraz 132.0
12 Tony Brand 34 Harwich & Dovercourt Widget 145.0

Report courtesy of John Newton and photos Dave Sellens.


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