RRS Rules Seminar

DATE FRIDAY – 18th March 2016.
VENUE – The Filby Bridge Restaurant – Granary.
TIMES – Arrive 7.00pm
             – Buffet served at approximately 7.30pm
             – Seminar – approximately 8.00pm – 09.45 pm.
RULES EXPERT – Graham Louth of the RYA.
The emphasis of the meeting is on friendly participation and discussion, the object being to learn and have fun at the same time. Questions from those present on the evening, and please remember that there is no such thing as a silly question.
The buffet is of a very high quality and the charge to participants is to cover the cost of this, the cost of having Graham present will be met by the Broads RYC. Everyone is welcome and the charge to non BRYC members is £11.00.
Anyone wishing to come should forward the necessary payment to Peter Sutton at 25 Breck Road, NORWICH NR7 9HR by Monday  14th March please.

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