Belton Trophy and EDCS 1

Sunday 21st February 2016 found 19 skippers gathering at Blackwater Sailing Clubs lake at Heybridge, preparing to race for the Belton Trophy and Eastern District CS1the day was being hosted by Chelmsford Radio Yacht Club.

Officer of the day George Beacroft and assistant Graham Childs set out a 2 triangle and a beat course in the brisk 2nd suit South Westerly wind.

The day was run as a 2 heat event under leaden skies. During the seeding heats some skippers chose to rig 3rd suit but joined the majority for the heats. The day was run smoothly throughout allowing 9 x 2 heat races to be contested.

At the end of the day Colin Goodman sailing a BritPop was announced as the victor, scoring only 7 points having won all nine heats he sailed in.

BritPops took 4 of the 5 top slots with only Phil Playle and his Vision finishing in 3rd place splitting up their domination of the top slots.

When after the event it was discovered that the division between heats for Race 7 had been done in error the Race Committee requested redress on behalf of the boats affected. Analysis of the score sheets revealed that two boats, 32 and 41, had been prevented from being promoted from B heat in Race 7 by the presence of 85 and 88 who should have been in the A Heat.

The Redress Committee found that it was possible to predict reasonably accurately that their scores would have been improved in Race 7 but not for subsequent races. Their final scores were thus likely to be changed such that it made no difference to boat 41 but boat 32 would have achieved 8th position in the event while boat 37 would have moved down to 9th. No other boats were affected.

Those decisions were implemented with the following results:

Position Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Colin Goodman 61 Coalhouse Fort MBC BritPop 7.0
2 Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort MBC BritPop 20.0
3 Phil Playle 77 Chelmsford RYC Vision 24.0
4 Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford RYC BritPop 24.0
5 Malcolm Harris 88 Chelmsford RYC BritPop 29.0
6 David Hope 11 Harwich & DMBYC Kantun S 38.0
7 Graham Bartholomew 42 Coalhouse Fort MBC Widget 39.0
8 Barry Raven 32 Chelmsford RYC BritPop 47.0
9 Nigel Gilson 37 Harwich & DMBYC Ankh 3 46.0
10 Phil Newman 74 Chelmsford RYC Picanto 56.0
11 John Richmond 85 Chelmsford RYC MX 16 64.0
12 Rick Buxton 41 Harwich & DMBYC Vision 68.0
13 Andy Brown 141 Chelmsford RYC MX 7 82.0
14 David Perkins 71 Cambridge MYC BritPop 82.0
15 Vicky Mills 06 Chelmsford RYC MX 16 88.0
16 Andy Seymour 185 Southend MBC V8 94.0
17 Mike Palfrey 156 Chelmsford RYC Logic 103.0
18 Alf Reynolds 142 Chelmsford RYC Italico 106.0
19 Nicky Ennion 49 Harwich & DMBYC BritPop 118.0

A copy of the Redress Committee report can be found below.



When the results of the Belton trophy were sent to the Eastern District Committee it became apparent that there were oddities to the distribution of boats between the two heats in Races 7, 8 & 9.

When this was pointed out to the Race Committee together with an analysis of the situation and a possible solution, further facts were gathered and the District Committee was requested to act as the Redress Committee since they had all the facts and are clearly non-interested parties.

Facts and Analysis.

After Race 6 Boat 49 withdrew from further sailing and was scored in a lower heat as DNS. With the fleet now apparently reduced from 19 boats to 18 the heats were re-divided using the Race 2 scheduled by mistake giving 8 boats in A Heat and 12 in B Heat. Thus 6 boats were demoted form A Heat to B Heat and boats 88 and 85 wrongly demoted.

In Race 7 they were again promoted so their scores were not affected but boats 32 and 41 were prevented from being promoted.

32 and 41 both went up and down between the later heats so both would probably have been immediately demoted from Race 7 to Race 8
Their scores for Race 7 would likely have been 9 and 10 respectively lowering their overall scores by 3 and 1 respectively.
Their scores in other races are unlikely to have been affected.
The outcome of the changes of scores would have made no difference to 41’s 12th position but would have improved 32 from 9th to 8th while dropping 37 from 8th to 9th.
For Races 7, 8 and 9 boat 49 has been dropped to the C Heat and scored DNS where it should have been retained in the B heat as DNC on the assumption that it was no longer sailing.  Correcting that makes no difference to the final positions despite a small change to the actual scores of a few boats.


Boat 32 is to be given 8th position in the event while boat 37 is to be given 9th position. No other boats are to be affected.

Redress Committee

Henry Farley, Malcolm Schaffer, John Newton

25th February 2016


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