Eastern District 2016 AGM

Well, what a disappointing turn out for the Eastern District AGM on Saturday 5th November 2016!!

Only eight members were present, of which five were the District Committee, representing four clubs, Chelmsford RYC, Coalhouse Fort MBC; Harwich & Dovercourt MYC and Lee Valley MYC,

So, where were all the other club representatives who could not spare a morning to contribute to the Eastern District discussion and arrangements? Without volunteers making the time and effort to organise events there would be no organised racing in the district and then who would be the first to complain?

Come on skippers, isn’t time some of you stepped up to the plate and shared the load and take some responsibility for your hobby/sport!! Without the input from Clubs and their members the District will not move forward – we need to know what you as skippers want. Everybody complains that the MYA does little for the ordinary member, but how can Council know what is expected without clubs and their members input. So if you are unhappy about anything going on the district and if your club was not represented at the AGM, I am sorry but you have no right to complain.

Being a member of the District Committee is not arduous, since basically the only meeting that you would attend is the AGM. Throughout the rest of the year all communication is either via email or face to face at District events and there is very little to do in between.

We are currently looking for a Vice Chairman who would basically only be required to stand in for the Chairman at the AGM and contribute to any discussion with the rest of the committee via email.

We are also looking for a Racing Secretary that would get involved in organising the District Calendar with the help of other committee members and club secretaries, again not a difficult position.

So come on let’s see some other volunteers stepping up for either of these posts in the first instance, but also being prepared to participate in the District AGM in November 2017.

Please click on AGM to access the Minutes of the Eastern District AGM on Saturday 5th November 2016.


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