Cambridge Model Boat Club

It has recently come to our notice that Cambridge Model Boat Club has not changed it’s name to Cambridge Model Yacht Club. CMBC has not changed it’s name since 1950 and is still a very active club still present at Cawcutts Lake in Cambridge. The yacht racing section of the club left Cawcutts Lake after problems with buoys not being allowed on the lake by the new managers which meant they could not race. They now call themselves Cambridge Model Yacht Club but have no connection with the Cambridge Model Boat Club – we apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

We would like to make it clear that any potential new members of Cambridge Model Boat Club, who wish to use electric powered motors or scale sailing at Cawcutts Lake may do so by contacting

Paul Shea On Telephone Number: 01480 880701

Anybody in the Cambridge area wishing to race Radio Controlled Yachts should contact Cambridge Model Yacht Club who sail at, Rectory Farm, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6AE

Contact – Nick Lee – Tel. 01763 260058; e-mail


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