Eastern District IOM Championship Series (Round 1)

Following the Belton Trophy, hosted by Chelmsford RYC on Sunday 19th February 2017, the current positions in the Eastern District IOM Championship Series are shown in the following table.

1 Colin Goodman Coalhouse Fort 100 100
2 Vernon Appleton Coalhouse Fort 93 93
3 David Hope Chelmsford 85 85
4 Malcolm Harris Chelmsford 78 78
5 Phil Newman Chelmsford 70 70
6 Graham Bartholomew Coalhouse Fort 63 63
7 Rick Buxton Harwich & Dovercourt 55 55
8 Chris Esdale-Pearson Harwich & Dovercourt 48 48
9 Roy Joslin Chelmsford 40 40
10 Alf Reynolds Chelmsford 33 33
11 Charles Clark Chelmsford 25 25
12 Lawrence Crispin Chelmsford 18 18
13 Andy Seymour Southend MBC 10 10
14 Mark Dennis Chelmsford 0 0
14 George Beacroft Chelmsford 0 0
14 John Richmond Chelmsford 0 0

As some of you are aware, Henry Farley has for many years coordinated these results on behalf of the Eastern District Committee. Henry also does many other roles for the District, including Senior Measurer, Calendar Coordinator etc. and would like to now take a step back and allow other members to help the District. Currently, apart from Henry, the other members of the Eastern District Committee all come from Coalhouse Fort RYC, which I think you would agree is not a healthy situation. In view of this, is there a member out there who would like to participate in the committee and initially take on the role of coordinating the EDCS results – I am sure henry would be happy to assist in the early days if required. Why not step up and support your district!!!


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