Thames Cup and EDCS 6

Sunday the 29th October 2017 saw Coalhouse Fort RYC host the Thames Cup and Round 6 of the Eastern District IOM Championship Series.Coalhouse Fort Marks TC It initially was an overcast day with a good wind primarily from the North, and so Race Officer, John Newton, choose a windward/leeward course towards the north-middle of the lake, initially starting between marks D and 8; a beat to mark 5; downwind to mark 11; a beat back to 5; downwind to 11 and finish between marks D and 8. Part way through through the day the wind backed to North North West and so a minor change of course was set, starting between marks 7 and 8; a beat to mark 6; downwind to mark 11; back 6; downwind to 11 and finish between marks 7 and 8. Late in the day the wind veered back to the North and so the course was changed back to the original.

FXT22899It was a very good strong breeze from the North with skippers choosing to use No.1 Rigs initially, but as the day went on the wind backed to North North West and the strength increased, which Colin Goodman picked up on first and very quickly changed down to his No.2 Rig.

Others continued to struggle with their No.1 Rigs but soon followed FXT22884Colin’s lead, who had still managed to lead the fleet even on his No.2 Rig. However as the wind veered back to the Northerly direction it’s strength dropped and so various skippers changed back up to No.1 Rigs.


We welcomed two skippers from the Cambridge Club, David Perkins and Stuart JessopFXT22910 who were attending their first Eastern District IOM event, together with Terry Wright from Coalhouse Fort RYC. Two skippers retired towards the end of the day, namely Jim La Roche with a wet receiver and Stuart Jessup. Although there were various protests, fortunately these were all settled on the water and we thank competitors for this. However, one issue that was highlighted at one point was that some skippers were not completing their penalty turns correctly, although once pointed out this was corrected.

FXT22912The Race Officer started the day with one fleet of 13 skippers completing the first race followed by a short break to allow skippers to make some minor rig tuning. Following that, back-to-back races were completed allowing a longer break in between, to permit Rig and course changes as necessary. As a consequence a total of 18 races were completed, of which Colin Goodman took 15 wins, in his inimitable style.

Whilst Colin was out in front, there was some close racing between Vernon Appleton,FXT22883 Mark Dennis, Peter Crisp, David Hope and Dave Allinson. After 9 races, Vernon was second followed by Mark with Dave in fourth, but throughout the afternoon, Vernon maintained his consistency, while Mark struggled a bit as did Dave Allinson! This allowed Peter Crisp, who improved, to move up to fourth and David Hope fifth, demoting Dave Allinson to sixth.

There was some really good racing and we thank all skippers for their behaviour throughout the day. We would also like to thank Malcolm Schaffer, Glenn Meekcoms, Henry Farley and Geoff Appleton for their help during the event, all of whom helped to allow the event to take place in what we hope was a friendly but competitive manner.


Pos. Skipper Sail # Club/City Hull Score
1 Colin Goodman 61 Coalhouse Fort RYC BritPop 15.0
2 Vernon Appleton 36 Coalhouse Fort RYC BritPop 42.0
3 Mark Dennis 19 Chelmsford RYC BritPop 49.0
4 Peter Crisp 180 Chipstead SC Kantun S 65.0
5 David Hope 11 Chelmsford RYC Kantun 2 67.0
6 Dave Allinson 4 Chipstead SC Fractal 2 70.0
7 David Perkins 71 Cambridge BritPop 85.0
8 Graham Bartholomew 65 Coalhouse Fort RYC Wedgw 95.0
9 George Startup 72 Chipstead SC Fractal 2 130.0
10 Andy Seymour 85 Southend MBC V8 147.0
11 Jim La Roche 55 Coalhouse Fort RYC BritPop 156.0
12 Stuart Jessop 66 Cambridge LintelMMX 172.0
13 Terry Wright 35 Coalhouse Fort RYC Kantun 181.0

Report and Results courtesy john Newton and Photos by Dave Sellens.


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